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The Newest Colored Hair Care in Australia

Product Information and FAQ'S

What is Colormask Shampoo Exactly?

Colormask The New Alternative To Hair Care. SLS /SLES Free.

 If You know How To Shampoo Your Hair, Then You already know What Colormask shampoo is. There is only 1 Difference that makes Colormask Shampoo unique. The Fact That is has Colour Pigment in The Shampoo Formula and Also in the Colormask Treatment Formula too. 

How Do i use Colormask? 

2 ways

  1.  Like a regular Shampoo. Wet hair, Wash, Rinse, Repeat if necessary.
  2. Like a Toner. Apply on Wet or Dry hair, Leave on For 5-25 minutes , Rinse Repeat if necessary



Their are Many Similar products that are just like Colormask shampoo , the only difference is the 18 Different colour Tones of Colormask Shampoo and Treatments, in particular the Platinum Light Series Shampoo

Platinum Shampoo is Dark Brown /Grey in Colour, yet it's Meant For Blondes?


Yes!, and it's Exciting ,

Why? because it tones blonde in a totally different way... and the results are Awesome!

This New alternative to Traditional Blonde Toning Shampoo’s aims at counteracting warm tones by applying the toning advantages of the Natural Ash Colour Spectrum , rather than  Typical  Blonde "purple" shampoo's

The natural Ash spectrum has always been Overshadowed by the violet colour realm….until now.

Is The Pearl Shampoo Dark purple too?

The Pearl Shampoo is Purple, but does not make hair look Purple.  somewhere between a classic silver shampoo and a rosewood tone.  Pearl Shampoo  gives a Subtle Tone effect, much like the many Blonde Shampoo's out There.

Purple Shampoo's haven't toned my hair Enough in the past?

The Very Reason for that is Because your hair isnt light enough for the shampoo to have any effect. On a level 8 and 9 Blonde , We would recommend the Platinum Shampoo.

 Platinum Shampoo was Designed for 2 reasons:

#1 – To tone Assist on Blonde hair lifted to a level 9/10 . The Toning pigment provides a clean ash blonde Tone, without any purple overtoning results on blonde hair, especially on typical porous areas( such as hairlines , etc). A beautiful Clean White is achieved on level 10 and Clients can keep the platinum white tone , by using it a home.

#2 – To Tone Level 8 Golden Blonde results, where a Beige or Natural Result is Desired.  platinum shampoo does the job on level 8 that most hairdressers have hoped for in the past, with using purple shampoo , but purple shampoo didn’t deliver.

 Colormask By Kc Professional is a Game Changer.

  • Why a Treatment and Not a Conditioner?

Treatments replace Conditioners as the belief that all Coloured Hair needs Repair in order for Colour To stay Alive. just use Exactly like a Conditioner. 

Colormask treatments included in the Light Series:

Platinum : the Lightest Colour pigmented Treatment, recommended for clean white blonde results and best for clients who have reservations towards using a purple coloured Conditioner .

Pearl: A classic Violet Tone that matches the toning strength of the pearl Shampoo.


Graphite: The Darkest Coloured Treatment, Graphite Secures Already Silver Toned hair and also gives the Same Results on levels 8.9 and 10 That Platinum shampoo does.  The Best feature of graphite is its ability to tone quickly  and treating at the same time without the worry over overtoning. Graphite treatment Mask is The Best Grey Toner in the Colormask Range. it is perfect for the current Trend of Blonde hair, Glam Grey.  Graphite grey keeps the silver tone in the hair alive and thus your ash blonde hair always looks salon perfect.